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I am Dr. Hetty Asiodu!

A certified coach trainer, holistic, beauty, wellness & empowerment coach

You are an ambitious, courageous woman who has been through so much in life. You strive and struggle to achieve big things.

Despite all – family, career and lifestyle, you still feel empty, depressed and stuck.

You deserve greatness, joy and good success!

Here’s how I can help you make a change

Certified Life Coach

I will help you to recognize your skills and dreams, refocus your life’s goals and move past difficulties along the way. I provide special guidance to improve your careers, relationships, business and life.

Empowerment Coach

This kind of coaching further dives in on deep-rooted issues that create emotional imbalances. I will help you to overcome fear, banish negativity & build your confidence.

Beauty & Wellness Coach

I encourage others to reach their dream through personalized step-by-step wellness program. Learn more about heathy eating habits and regular workout routines.

Leaders Empowerment Summit

In an effort to advance gender equality for women and girls, Hetty Speaks Life (HSL) in conjunction with Courageous Women in Action (CWIA) and Sisters United Everywhere (SUE) joined forces to present the Leaders Empowerment Summit with the theme “The Authentic You”.

Unleash the Power Within Your Dreams BOOK

This Book brings to light the high risk of yearning without action, dreaming without planning, and longing without making necessary personal re-adjustments.

Written from the gut, by Hetty Asiodu, “Unleash the Power within Your Dreams” gets gritty about people who choose fantasizing over realizing.

Too many people still insist on holding their dreams captive in a fantasy world as opposed to delving deep within themselves to find the reasons that their dreams remain dormant or floating in the ethers unattended.

In fact, these dreamers don’t look within their aspiration for it’s origin, and authenticity, to find what their role is in transforming a dream into a tangible life experience.

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